John Jay Teaching & Learning Center

The Teaching & Learning Center at John Jay College of Criminal Justice is dedicated to recognizing excellence in teaching and learning, supporting social justice and equity in public urban higher education, and to providing mentoring, resources, and opportunities that enable faculty, staff, and students to engage with and enhance teaching and learning.

We invite you to explore this site, which is a curation of multiple sites that represent innovative and traditional pedagogies, social justice, and resilience teaching and learning practices. Click on any of the three tabs in the menu bar to find a variety of resources to deepen and extend your understanding of how we learn and how we can learn effectively and empathetically.

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The Teaching and Learning Center at John Jay College of Criminal Justice (TLC) provides mentoring, training, and resources to support effective and just teaching and learning in higher education. In these efforts, the TLC partners with multiple programs and departments across the College, including full and part-time faculty, undergraduate and graduate students, staff, and administrators. 

Please explore the teaching resources that are offered on this website. Supporting, challenging, and extending information on common teaching approaches and strategies, we include several pages that focus on pedagogies supporting the discussion of anti-racism inside and outside of formal teaching environments. Throughout the site, we include and emphasize resources on anti-racism pedagogies to amplify the voices of those seeking justice through transforming education. 

From Criminal Justice to English, from the Humanities to STEM, John Jay’s departments and courses explicitly and implicitly address the issues of racial inequality, racism, injustice and discrimination. At John Jay College Teaching and Learning Center, we urge our community to embrace and engage in social justice education wherein faculty and students are able to intervene, discuss and understand the fight for justice and the promotion of equity for all people of color and all historically oppressed identities. 

TLC Contact Information

Location: 335 Haaren Hall


In-Person: 9:00AM – 5:00PM Monday, Wednesday

9:00AM – 2:00PM Tuesday, Wednesday

TLC Team

TLC Director:

Gina Rae Foster, PhD

TLC Administrative Assistants:

Florentina Lonati

Jake Moses

Atharva Orpe